New Jersey Doctor Dies
Image: Martin Country Sheriff’s Office

Dr. Joseph Farnese, a highly respected doctor from Caldwell, New Jersey, tragically lost his life in a plane crash in South Carolina. The incident claimed the lives of five individuals, all hailing from New Jersey. Dr. Farnese, 66, had been the proud owner and pilot of his single-engine Piper plane for two decades. On a fateful Sunday morning, shortly after takeoff from a North Myrtle Beach airport, the aircraft suddenly crashed and erupted in flames.

Close family friend Rick Ricciardelli expressed his admiration for Dr. Farnese, describing him as the most conscientious pilot he had ever encountered. Dr. Farnese meticulously ensured the safety of his aircraft, regularly conducting checks and maintenance. Ricciardelli fondly regarded him as the greatest person he had ever known.

The fatal crash occurred when Dr. Farnese, returning from a fishing trip, was accompanied by four other passengers. Among them were Tanique Chue, 32, and her 7-year-old son Sean Gardener, as well as Suzette Coleman-Edwards, 42, and her 17-year-old child Odaycia Edwards. While their relationship to Dr. Farnese remains unclear, it is known that he often flew patients, relatives, and friends to his Myrtle Beach condo, displaying his kind and caring nature.

Tanique Chue, identified as a nursing student by the president of Thomas Edison University, was mourned by the institution. She was enrolled in the Accelerated Nursing Program. The university extended heartfelt condolences not only to her family but also to the loved ones of her young son, Sean Gardener.

At Dr. Farnese’s office in Little Falls, he is being remembered not only as a doctor but also as a dear friend to his patients. The receptionist, Josephine Cusumano, shared that they had to inform his precious patients about the tragic event, witnessing their shock and grief. Dr. Farnese’s compassionate nature led him to help countless individuals throughout his career, leaving an indelible impact on the lives he touched.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) are currently conducting an investigation into the crash, aiming to determine the cause of the tragic incident.

Source: ABC New York.

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