Britney Spears and’s Highly-Anticipated Musical Reunion. Image: Collected

In an exciting musical reunion, Britney Spears and, renowned artist and member of the ‘Black Eyed Peas,’ have come together to create a fresh new song. Following their previous chart-topping collaboration, the pop sensation, aged 41, and the 48-year-old star have secretly recorded a captivating track, which is slated for release later this month, according to

This upcoming release holds significant meaning for Spears as it marks her first offering since her recent legal victory in the prolonged and contentious 13-year “conservatorship” case, which granted her father control over her personal affairs. While the artist made a guest appearance on Sir Elton John’s Tiny Dancer remix last year, she has not released any new material since 2020.

The forthcoming duet between Britney Spears and arrives a decade after their memorable collaboration on the super-catchy hit ‘Scream & Shout.’ The Sun’s source reveals the deep mutual respect and admiration shared between the artists., a staunch supporter of Britney throughout her career, wishes to witness her continued success. The surprise track is set to showcase their musical chemistry and is sure to delight fans.

During an appearance on Good Morning Britain last month,, who also serves as a judge on TV talent show ‘The Voice,’ hinted at the collaboration with Britney, expressing his joy for her new journey and emphasizing the support she has from those around her. The artist’s words alluded to the exciting project that they have now officially confirmed.

Source: IANS

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