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While many families were enjoying the extended holiday break, tragedy struck for one family as they tried to comprehend the loss they had suffered.

Emmy Gorman, an eighth-grade student from Harrisburg, tragically lost her life in an accident while doing what she loved most—spending time on Lake Madison.

Emmy, fondly known as Emily by those closest to her, entered the world amidst a Sioux Falls snowstorm, her arrival marked by a beautiful head of thick, dark hair, as her mother Stacy Gorman recalls.

Her childhood was accompanied by a cherished blanket, which remained her faithful nighttime companion for many years. Her inquisitive nature continued to grow as she did.

Stacy fondly recalls a conversation where Emmy asked her how many freckles she had. Not knowing the answer, Stacy was surprised to learn that Emmy had counted precisely 107 freckles, sharing the task with one of her friends.

Emmy had an ever-growing desire for her family to expand, but not in terms of more siblings—she had her heart set on more pugs.

“She sometimes even created PowerPoint presentations, trying to convince us to get the next animal,” Stacy reminisces.

Volleyball became her latest passion, with Emmy attending private lessons and participating in a summer camp dedicated to the sport.

Her father, Eric, admired her zest for life and witnessed glimpses of her happiness while spending time with friends.

“She was always a great listener, eager to learn something new,” Eric fondly recalls. “I would often hear her giggling from her room, having a fantastic time talking with her friends on the phone.”

Emmy, with her love for root beer, quesadillas, and Caramel Brulé, had a caring nature and was recently selected to be part of the welcome team at Harrisburg North Middle School, a role she was immensely proud of.

“She was thrilled to have been chosen to help incoming sixth graders transition into middle school,” Eric explains.

Her final day was spent at Lake Madison, a place cherished by the entire family, where they had been enjoying summers together since 2016.

“Emmy had a true passion for boating. She absolutely loved it, especially tubing,” Stacy shares.

The Gorman family finds solace in the support they have received from extended family, friends, and their church during this difficult time.

“I couldn’t be prouder to be her father,” Eric expresses.

“I am unbelievably proud to have been Emmy’s mom. She gave me the most wonderful years of my life,” Stacy adds with love.

Services to honor Emmy’s memory will take place at Central Church next week, while Harrisburg schools are offering counseling services to students as they navigate the loss of their beloved classmate.

To aid the family during this period of grief, a GoFundMe fundraiser has been established to cover medical expenses, funeral costs, and provide support for the family’s loss of income.

Source: Dakota News Now

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